Ideal Agent Or Homelight? Top Features, Working Method, Benefits, And Reviews

At the time of selling your home, many things can get confusing. One of the most bewildering things you can face is picking your realtor. Some full-service realtors charge a hefty commission and in return provide an extensive variety of services. There are also online real estate tech companies that help us in selling our homes by providing us with various packages at different prices. Some help you match real estate agents to help you in your home selling journey. In this way, you save yourself from paying heavy realtor fees and instead a pay discounted amount, get maximum exposure, and get your home listed on the MLS at a small charge.

Due to the availability of so many real estate matching websites, it can get difficult to choose one. It may need you to know all about some of the leading sites. Here, we will know about Ideal agent and Homelight reviews along with other details such as who are they, how they work, reviews, and more.

Let us start with Ideal Agent reviews.

What is Ideal Agent?

Ideal Agent is an agency that offers a free real estate service. It helps you connect with the agents in your local area. Ideal agents are recruited only when they have more than 14 years of experience and have conducted around 100 to 300 transactions every year, and have a 5-star rating as well. The company ensures to hire agents in their network who are vetted, certified, and licensed. Ideal Agents has been working only with top agents in the area.

The agency helps you lower the overall cost of selling or buying your home by getting you a discounted real estate agent who provides quality services. With Ideal Agent, you can be able to sell your home at the lowest commission fee such as just 2% at times. However, you will have to pay the buyer’s agent along with the 2% commission which makes the overall cost 4.5% to 5.5%.

How does Ideal Agent work?

 To start working with the Ideal Agent, login to the Ideal Agent website and fill out a short online form. The form will ask you for imperative details such as your home address, type of home, home price, timeframe for selling, and personal details such as your contact number and email address, etc.

As per Ideal Agent Reviews, it is easy to work with them.

Ideal Agent: Top features

You will get a full range of realtor services by the Ideal Agents such as

Pricing assistance through Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A CMA lets you study data and find the lists of prices for which the nearby homes were sold. The homes have the same features as your house in the same neighborhood. Using the data, you can set the listing price of your home.

Personalized Agent service

The real agent meets you in person and discusses all the details with you. You both set together with the ideal sale timeline, your selling needs, etc.

Marketing assistance

The agent will walk through your home and provide the best advice on how to advertise the best features of your home.

Photography assistance

The agent also helps you click professional and high-resolution images of your home. This will help attract buyers to your listing.

Ideal Agent Reviews

On Trustpilot, Ideal Agent gets a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and has 1,420 reviews. On Google, Ideal Agent gets a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and has 172 reviews.

Ideal Agent has been able to garner great reviews. They were appreciated for being true professionals in the industry. They were quickly able to sell the houses and provided the clients with quick and responsive agents.

There were negative Ideal Agent reviews too in which the clients shared that the agents were not experienced. They were not even local experts. Some mentioned that Ideal Agent sends too many emails on their id with no new update.

What is HomeLight?

HomeLight is another free online service that matches you with local real estate agents, at the time of selling or buying a house.

Other than the agent matching service, HomeLight also provides other services like HomeLight Simple Sale which is a cash buyer program.

How does Homelight work?

In the ad you sign up for on HomeLight’s website, you receive a list of local real estate agents. The agent matches are based on the factors such as your area, price range, sale timeline, etc.

As per your home selling goals, you get a qualified agent in your area. You get the contact information of the agent they matched you with. The agent contacts you and you interview the agent. If they turn out to be a perfect match, you can go ahead. They provide you with one of the easiest solution to list your home on mls.

Homelight: Top features

Suitable agent match

No matter what your location is, HomeLight will always have a suitable agent for you. It has more than 28,000 agents nationwide, so HomeLight’s network is more huge than many others.


HomeLight’s customer dashboard keeps things organized. It is easy to use. It has details of real estate agents and key performance data on one page. You can compare and contact different agent matches.


HomeLight’s algorithm matches you with a maximum of three local agents. You can ask for additional two matches too. None other sites may provide you with several agent match offerings.

HomeLight Simple Sale

HomeLight Simple Sale or HomeLight cash offers is a free service that helps you sell the house directly to an investor or flipper. HomeLight compiles multiple cash offers which you can compare sell to the best one. This plan helps you sell your house faster and sell it as is.

MLS listing

This is the main task of the agent. The agent lists your home on the MLS and other best real estate websites.

Negotiation and closing

The agent negotiates on your behalf and tries to fetch you the highest price. The agent also keeps up the role of supporting you will you reach the closing time.

HomeLight reviews

HomeLight has an average customer rating of 4.7 and 1,012 reviews. The customers were found pleased with the agent matches. They said that the agents met their expectations and made the real estate transaction easier and faster.

HomeLight reviews were negative too, where the customers felt that HomeLight did not match them with a high-quality agent. They also complained about the volume of communication they received from HomeLight.

UpNest is another agent-matching service. As per Upnest reviews, they get you the best agents who are vetted and work on average commission rates. Upnest reviews also say that it makes the house sell faster.

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